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Partnership with Sports Recruits

Sports Recruits ( is now a part of the SIVA Ohana and our athletes will have free access to all that Sports Recruits has to offer.  Each athlete will have their own profile and be able to start/continue their recruiting process throughout our season. 


Mission Statement

Skagit-Island Volleyball Academy (SIVA) is committed to the introduction, development, and promotion of volleyball in Island, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties. Our primary objective is to facilitate and nurture a passion for the sport of volleyball within our academy members resulting in a continued growth of volleyball.

Program Philosophy and Priorities

Skagit-Island Volleyball Academy is dedicated to the development of all members through positive reinforcement in a competitive team environment. SIVA will strive to be more than a volleyball program - “We Are Ohana!” Our priorities will begin with our keikis (kids) and helping them succeed on the court while creating a familial type environment off the court. The Ka’i (coaches) shall mentor each keiki through the identification of their strengths and encouraging the development of skills to be a successful athlete on the court.

Our goal is to share Aloha with all and to kako’o (support) our Ohana on and off the court. Having a growth mindset will allow us to learn without boundaries and accomplish goals once thought out of reach. We will expand our horizon as we become comfortable with the uncomfortable through positive reinforcement in a competitive environment.


In order to actively participate with SIVA teams and USA Volleyball events, all adults must have valid USA Volleyball membership and completed required background check. Players are expected to apply for full membership in accordance with USA Volleyball Puget Sound.

MAAP – Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies

USA Volleyball has adopted the U.S. Center for SafeSport Minor Athletes Abuse Prevention Policies.  Federal law authorizes the Center to address the risk of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of amateur athletes.  The U.S. Olympic Committee and national governing bodies (collectively, “Covered Organizations/LAOs) are required to follow these Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies.  Covered Organizations/LAOs are responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with these policies.

The goal of Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies is to limit one-on-one interactions with minor athletes--interactions with minors should be observable and interruptible. Any violation of MAAPP is reportable.

The policy covers six areas:

  • Limiting one-on-one interactions, including meetings and individual training sessions
  • Massages and rubdowns/athlete training modalities
  • Locker rooms and changing areas
  • Social media and electronic communication
  • Local travel
  • Team travel

Information pertaining to MAAPP can be found at or the attached MAAPP PDF from USA Volleyball. 


SIVA dues includes uniforms (jerseys, shorts, and sweatshirts), tournament fees, coach’s stipend, and administrative fees. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all to afford the cost of club volleyball and to work within everyone’s financial situation. Scholarship opportunities are limited and will require families to participate in various fundraising opportunities. SIVA is willing to create alternative payment plans along with the payment plans listed below. If additional assistant is required, families should email to further inquire about how we can work together to make this opportunity to play a possibility.












Payment Plan:

  • Pay in Full
  • Payment Plan #1 – Monthly


Punctuality is a quality trait of many successful people. It allows players to properly prepare for practices and competition. Players are expected to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of practices and 40 minutes prior to the start of competition. Players are expected to complete their pre-practice or competition rituals prior to start time.


Time management is an important life skill and like learning to play volleyball, requires commitment and practice. Practices are critical in the development and growth of our players and building team cohesiveness. Athletes are expected to attend practice, however, we understand there may be situations which may prevent an athlete from attending. If an athlete is unable to attend practice, the athlete is required to email and text/email their coach requesting to be excused from practice. Playing opportunities may be limited due to lack of attendance at practices.


Tournaments are great way to measure growth for players and teams. When multiple teams attend the same tournament, teams should support each other when not playing. While teams are awaiting competition, players are required to wear their SIVA attire.

Playing Time

1. SKAGIT-ISLAND VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY DOES NOT GUARANTEE EQUAL PLAYING TIME ON ANY TEAM OR AT ANY EVENT. SIVA believes that your fees are for instruction time during practices, not a specific amount of time spent playing in tournaments. The athlete’s attendance, attitude, effort, and performance determine playing time.

2. Decisions about court time are, at all times, the sole discretion of the staff. Coaching decision are not up for debate or question.

3. Athletes are encouraged to ask what they can do to get better and see more playing time. Parents should question their player regarding playing time prior to addressing this issue with the coach or Skagit-Island Volleyball staff. PARENTS SHOULD NOT EVER APPROACH A COACH ABOUT PLAYING TIME WHILE AT A TOURNAMENT.

Cell Phone Policy

The use of cell phones is restricted during travel. The reason for restricting cell phone usage is to minimize distraction among team members, and to focus each athlete on interacting with the team. This is an essential element to team cohesiveness, and personal development of each athlete. Minimal use of cell phones is permitted to call immediate family members (mom, dad, brother, sister). These calls must be kept to a minimum as to not interfere with team activities. The following guidelines must be followed:

1. Players are prohibited from using cell phones while at the playing venue or during team functions outside the venue.
2. Cell phones may be used minimally to call immediate family members. (Please notice significant others and friends are not considered immediate family members.)

3. Cell phones will be turned into the coach by curfew. Players will receive their phones back when use is approved
4. If a player is caught using a cell phone inappropriately during a tournament, that player will be benched for the next match and the cell phone will be confiscated until after the tournament is over.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco have no place in youth athletics. They are also a crime and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


SIVA Grievance Policy

Aspiring athletes, by their very nature, create situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete’s coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season. Most often the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.

At Skagit-Island Volleyball, we encourage the athlete to take responsibility for their participation. We expect the player to talk to the coach first when they have a problem concerning their playing time or if it is unclear what a coach expects either in practice or competition. The appropriate way to do this is for the athlete to ask the coach what they need to do to get more opportunities to play in matches. Often the player knows why they may not be playing as much as a teammate when the parent may not.

Parents can help best by helping their athlete set goals to achieve more playing time. When a parent has a problem that is specific to their child, we first expect them to talk to their child to discover all relevant facts and context, to the problem. Afterwards, we ask parents to schedule a meeting with the coach via email and courtesy copy (CC:) SIVA Club Director ( Please note that Skagit-Island Volleyball coaches have been instructed to not discuss “coaching decisions” with anyone other than our staff. These coaching decisions include, but are not limited to: specific match decisions about who played where, when, and who was subbed out for how long and when. Coaches will not be asked to defend or explain their decisions and judgments about playing time. It is improper for a parent to request that.

Grievance procedures are as follows:

The following steps should be followed to handle a grievance:

1. The athlete will meet or speak to the coach to discuss the matter.
2. The parent(s) should speak with their child to discover all relevant facts and the context for those facts to gain a complete understanding of the problem.

3. The parent should speak to the head coach. Meetings should NEVER be done at a tournament. If a parent approaches a coach at a tournament, we have instructed the coach to refuse to
discuss any controversial matters at that time but to strongly suggest they contact the SIVA Director and to walk away from the situation. The recommended time for a
scheduled meeting between parent, athlete & coach, is immediately before or after a practice session as time permits. 4. The parent may request a meeting with the SIVA Club Director.   

5. The parent may request a meeting with the head coach and the Club Director. In most situations, we will ask the athlete to attend the meeting as well. Meetings must be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance. Meetings will not be scheduled during a practice or tournament. The coach and SIVA staff will not engage in discussion about “coaching decisions.”