Aloha and Welcome to the 2021 Season

This season will be different than those in the past, however, we will strive to make it productive and memorable.  As we learn to live with COVID-19, SIVA has decide to create opportunities based on current  government regulations, as well as potential changes.  Here's what you can expect from SIVA 2021:

  • Regional Leagues/Scrimmages - SIVA has been working with regional clubs and local YMCA to create and take part in leagues and scrimmages.  Our U15 and above teams will have opportunities to play and scrimmage against some of the best teams in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Support High School Sports - SIVA will continue to support high school athletics and multi-sport athletes.  With the change in high school volleyball season, SIVA will put training and tournaments on hold for all high-school age teams during the WIAA high school volleyball season.  
  • Travel Tournament Schedule - SIVA U15 and above teams will participate in one to two travel tournaments this season.  Depending on WIAA high school season, travel will happen either in January/February or March/April, along with a post-season tournament in June.  
  • Team Composition - Due to COVID-19 and potential rollback in County Phase levels, SIVA team rosters will consist of 10 players plus 2 practice players.  Should the County Phase level rollback, the 10 player roster will still be allowed to practice in a gym.